Hewlett-Packard (or HP for short) was formed in 1998 and continues to be a top player in the printing world to this very day. In fact, their 2021 fiscal revenue was a whopping $63.5 billion, which was up 12 % from the previous year. It is perhaps no wonder since remote working has gained momentum and many individuals are transitioning to the work-from-home lifestyle. Printing, it seems, is certainly not going out of fashion.

The brand has around 30 different cartridge models for their printers (available in ink and toner models), all of which are perfectly manufactured for their various printing devices. The HP 305 range is a prevalent one, and here at Cartridge Hyper, we stock the following products in the 305 range:

  • Standard tri-colour ink
  • Standard black ink
  • High yield black ink (XL)
  • High yield tri-colour ink (XL)

HP products are known for their durability, high printing yield, and incredible printing quality. While they might cost more than cheap generic models, they are bound to impress and will protect the lifespan of your printer, too. In the long-run, high-quality printing consumables can, in fact, save you money by protecting your printer and keeping you from having to fork out on hefty repairs.

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