A full replacement of quality printer cartridges can carry some steep costs, especially if you’re doing so for a business or office space. And while the cost savings of generic printer cartridges might be an option, another is to get the best quality printer cartridges you can find in order to maximise your value for money.

Fortunately, the printing and electronics market is an ever-changing and highly competitive space, resulting in the rapid development of manufacturing and consumer technologies. At Cartridge Hyper, we offer printing supplies from all of these competing brands, so that you have the highest quality printer cartridges and other supplies from across the world at your fingertips.

Take Epson’s Piezoelectric ink nozzles, for example. These ink cartridges produce superb quality prints as a result of the many thinking hours that went into their production. The standard inkjet printer nozzle is usually fitted with a microscopic electric resistor, which generates heat as electrical pulses flow through. Epson’s thin-film piezoelectric printheads, on the other hand, use vanishingly small slivers of piezoelectric film to power their nozzles. These little shards flex very reliably under an electrical load, and also many times per second, making them the perfect workhorse of an inkjet nozzle.

Most importantly, this results in extremely uniform ink droplet size which maximises image quality. Browse our full selection of Epson cartridges HERE.

The ink itself is also subject to endless experimentation and improvement. Many specific formulations of a wide variety of chemicals and compounds give us inks with differing characters, which enables a wider range of applications. Brother has struck a fine chord with their Innobella ink.

With the aim of enhancing print quality, colour depth and image resolution, Innobella ink will have your photo prints looking their best. The Innobella paper that Brother produces is also fine-tuned to give photos a long and fade-resistant life.

Check out these high-quality printer cartridges among many more right here, or contact us for any enquiries