Guaranteed Performance and Reliability with Epson Printer Cartridges

Epson printer cartridges, made by them, for their own devices, are the best consumable replacement option when the unit that came with the machine runs out. Even though OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Epson printer cartridges may be more expensive than a generic or compatible unit made by a third-party manufacturer, they provide guaranteed performance and reliability with no risk. So, they should be the first replacement option considered if at all affordable.

Interestingly, Epson inkjet machines, unlike most of the other manufacturers, all use piezo-electric actuation of the print nozzle to propel the ink droplets onto the substrate. Most of the other manufacturers use a tiny resistance element that produces heat to vaporise the ink and eject the droplets from the nozzles. OEM consumables will deliver high-yield and high-quality prints every time. Genuine Epson printer cartridges offer the best possible end-user experience where budget allows.

Alternatives to Epson Printer Cartridges

Epson printer cartridges are only one of the consumable container solutions offered by the company. Epson is also the originator of the first ink tank devices, now known as CISS (centralised ink supply system) machines. The Epson L-series marked the first of the ink tank system machines offered and it has become the leading ink tank printer supplier globally. Ink tank machines are different to normal machines that take standard Epson printer cartridges. They use large ink reservoirs that are filled with ink from bottles included with the machine. Each bottle contains enough ink to print up to 14,000 A4 or letter-sized pages at a stated page coverage. According to Epson, some cartridge-based machines will use as many as 79 cartridges for one Epson 103 ink bottle. Significant cost savings are possible using the company’s EcoTank technology.

Speak to the Consumables Experts

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