What HP Has to Do with Samsung Ink Cartridges

Original Samsung ink cartridges are manufactured to the highest standards and guaranteed to function flawlessly in the printer for which they have been designed and manufactured. Normally, the manufacturer of the printer makes the consumables for it. The exception to this rule is Samsung ink cartridges. HP acquired Samsung’s printer manufacturing business in 2017 and has maintained the Samsung brand name on some of the printers that are, in effect, now manufactured by HP. As part of the deal, HP acquired access to more than 6,500 Samsung print patents and a workforce of nearly 1,300 researchers and engineers acknowledged as experts in laser printer technology, imaging electronics and consumables.

Environmentally Friendly Print Consumables

Whether under the HP or Samsung brand, HP cannot afford any damage to their brand by selling consumables for their printers in the marketplace that do not deliver exceptional performance. HP is also committed to manufacturing its products with the smallest possible carbon footprint and is engaged in ongoing efforts to reduce their environmental impact. All the leading brands work with the same quality and social responsibility imperatives. The finest, most experienced engineers are employed who have a fundamental understanding of how to make the printers and consumables work together to deliver the highest yield with the highest print quality.

What About Compatible Alternatives for Samsung Ink Cartridges?

There are compatible (also known as generic) consumables, made by third-party manufacturers as alternatives to genuine Samsung ink cartridges. Compatible units are usually less expensive than OEM units, but you need to be more cautious when looking at compatibles. There are good compatible replacements for Samsung ink cartridges on offer at a lower price point, but you need to be sure that the supplier of these units has a reputation for providing compatible products that are equivalent to the OEM offering in terms of print quality, reliability, and yield.

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