Troubleshooting Problems with Samsung Ink Cartridges

At Cartridge Hyper we care about the quality of service and products we supply. As such we provide superior quality genuine, remanufactured, refilled and compatible Samsung ink cartridges. However, from time to time you might experience problems with your Samsung printer and most of these times the problems can easily be solved. We thus share a few tips on troubleshooting problems with Samsung ink cartridges and printers.

Printer Not Printing After Replacement of Cartridge

Sometimes when you have to print important documents your print cartridges will be depleted. Under pressure to get the job done you may reinstall the Samsung ink cartridge incorrectly. The printer may think that the cartridge is still empty or it may not immediately recognise the cartridge, especially if it is a refill or compatible cartridge. Don’t despair! Simply follow the guidelines below in detecting the root problem with your Samsung ink cartridge or cartridges.

Remove the cartridge from the printer and check whether you have removed the protective tape over the print nozzle. If it is still on the ink will not be able to flow through. The tape is necessary to protect the nozzles from drying out. Once removed you need to install the cartridge immediately.

If the printer doesn’t recognise the new cartridge or think it is empty even though it is a full cartridge use the reset feature to recognise the cartridge. You can also reinstall the cartridge after having switched off the printer completely and removing all power sources. Leave it off for a few minutes and switch it on again. Replace the cartridges and wait for the printer to go through its motions. Do a test run.

The problem can also lie with the age of the cartridge. Have you stored the cartridge for a long period? If so, the ink may have dried out. Use the extended cleaning cycle to get the ink through. If it doesn’t work, remove the cartridges and with a moistened lint-free cloth clean the printer head and the nozzles. Simply press the cloth against the nozzle and wipe away from the opening. Use a clean cloth for every nozzle and print head. Keep the cloth against the head a few seconds before you wipe. Do it two or three times and leave the nozzles to dry. Reinstall the cartridge or cartridges and conduct a test print.

Printer Gives Message of Low Ink

The printer may give a message of low ink even if there is still a lot of ink in. Remove the cartridge and gently shake it a few times. Reinstall and print again. Change your print setting to draft, fast or economical to print documents that you need for your own use. This will help to save on print costs. You can also select to print only with the black cartridge for black and white prints to avoid using the colour and more expensive cartridges for black printing.

Blank Sheet Ejects Before Print

If you select to print and get a blank sheet of paper before your print job, simply change the setting. The feature may be irritating if you are a home user, but it helps to separate print jobs in the office environment. To get rid of the feature, go to the Control Panel and select the printer, then right-click to get to the print preferences and disable the separation feature.

Print Job Doesn’t Start

In many instances, especially if more than one printer is on the network, you might send the print job to the wrong printer. Open the printer window and check which printer has been selected. If it is the wrong printer, use the drop-down arrow to select the right one. This is a common problem when you have the option of printing to PDF. Resend the print job, but to the right printer. If there are many print jobs in the queue you will have to be patient. The printer has an internal memory and first has to complete the previous jobs before it can proceed with yours. If you’ve sent the previous jobs you can cancel them in order to print the urgent job. A word of advice – rather print one to five pages at a time instead of printing entire documents if you want to avoid a long wait.

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