Why OEM Cartridges Are Best Suited to Your Samsung Laser Printer

So, you have that nifty Samsung printer all set up, but the time has come to replace your toner cartridges. Before purchasing a laser printer, most buyers already understand that toner costs a little more to replace – but this comes with the benefit of it lasting much longer than ink. Still, many users begrudgingly seek the cheapest available option to get their printer back up and running, but at what cost? Are there any real benefits to investing in Samsung printer cartridges versus generic options that seem far cheaper? We have a look below.

What are OEM Cartridges?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This refers to the brand that manufactures your actual printer, as well as the ink or toner needed for this product. There are generic brands that create compatible ink and toner cartridges that will work for your purchased product, of course, and these are certainly far more affordable. The downside to saving on money, however, means that you miss out on some of what the manufacturer intended on for their product during their original design. In the case of Samsung printer cartridges, there are some great reasons to stick to OEM toner.

Optimal Printing Clarity

When printing something – especially an image – the picture must close as close to the original depiction as possible. Whether for personal use or in businesses, clarity and preciseness of the print make the world of difference. It is essential that you do not merely settle for something excessively dark, blurry, or faint. You want it clean and crisp, and Samsung makes their toner cartridges with brand new components using quality raw materials and production methods. With generic brands, there is no guarantee of the performance, and the risk for failure of the print is high (which in turn costs you more money to reprint in the long run). Genuine Samsung toner, unlike bargain brands, is also guaranteed never to smudge and leave excess toner powder behind on the surface of the print.

The More Environmentally Friendly Option

OEM toners by the brand have passed their Harmful Substances Emissions Test and were the first-ever globally to receive the TÜV Rheinland® certification. These tests went on to show that some generic toners exceeded the toner safety standard by containing up to 6,3 times the carcinogenic toxins of what is deemed safe. They also contained up to 17,3 times the standard of toxins fatal to foetal development in pregnant women.

The Samsung Takeback and Recycle programme (STAR) is another reason to purchase your printer cartridges from the brand, which offers free recycling boxes and collection of old cartridges. These products are then broken down into their components, such as plastic, metal, and resin, and later reused to save the environment.

On-brand toner also comes with the guarantee that your Samsung printer will not suffer any damage in the long run, and is known to print up to 29% more pages.

While we do recommend that our customers stick to OEM products, here at Cartridge Hyper, we ensure that all of our products are compatible with OEM standards across the board. To find out more about our products on offer, have a look here.