Fun Facts on Samsung Printer Cartridges 

Whether you know the brand for their technological products or are already a supporter of their printer cartridges, there is always something new to learn. For instance, you might not have been aware of their very interesting Indie Printer they started to manufacture quite some time ago. What makes it so unique is the fact that it allows for phone charging, as well as listening to your favourite tunes all while you are getting the pages printed. Now that will surely make the wait of printing a long list of documents go faster, or at least feel like it is.

Some Other Exciting Truths About Samsung Printer Cartridges You May or May Not Already Know

  • They offer exceptional quality in all images and documents you print, giving you customer satisfaction from the start.
  • Their cartridges go through testing that ensures they are safer than various generic brands.
  • With their products being affordable and durable, they promise to keep your pockets filled and your mind happy for longer.

Some Information About the Brand 

When the 90s hit, Samsung brought out their first ever laser printer with multiple functions. Their first one with colour printing only came in the early 2000s. However, a few years later, they created the tiniest laser unit with colour printing in the world.

Since then, the brand has won various awards in the printing industry for outstanding products. One year in which they received a lot of fame for their creations was 2013. With so many fascinating things to share about this specific brand in printers and supplies, there is no reason to not buy their products.

To add to the company’s many distinguished feats, they were among the first of printing product manufacturers to have started recycling programs whereby consumers could return empty units. Samsung continues to develop new ways to reduce ink usage and have their printer cartridges last longer.