Samsung has an impressively wide range of electronic products in the houses of people right across the globe. In their massive range, however, inkjet printers are surprisingly rare. It seems that Samsung has devoted its energy to developing laser printing technology, and once you see how the differences between ink and toner shake out, you’ll probably understand why Samsung printer cartridges are top-class.

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So, Why Laser?

Laser printing uses a powdery substance, called toner, to generate images on paper. The toner is applied and then basically ironed on like a school badge, bonding it to the page for the final product. The design and function of toner cartridges allow this to happen continuously along the page, printing the entire image in one swift pass.

The highly precise nature of the toner printing process delivers very crisp prints in a matter of seconds, with some laser printers producing finished pages in under a second. The individual cartridges also last longer than ink units, since they are much larger.

Inkjet printing takes the crown when it comes to the deep saturation of colours and overall picture reliability. Ink is not as prone to smudging as toner is and will generally last longer in a photo album or some other long-lived document. Ink cartridges are also cheaper and easier to replace, which is handy since they can also become clogged if left unused or in sub-par conditions.

Toner cartridges’ larger size allows them to achieve higher page yields than their inkjet counterparts, which brings down the cost-per-page in a way that can really add up over thousands of pages. This combined with the speed and reliability of laser printing makes these printers a favourite of office blocks and businesses around the world.

Samsung specialises in laser printing, providing speedy, high-quality prints to offices and homes alike. At Cartridge Hyper, we have curated a crazy collection of nearly every printer cartridge you could think of or need, including the full gamut of Samsung printer cartridges.

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