So, you want to buy Samsung printer cartridges? The Samsung Group was founded in South Korea in 1938 in Daegu and have been a powerhouse in the technological world for over 80 years. Whether you’ve used their phones, tablets, computers, or printers, the brand is going from strength to strength, with a market capital of $326 billion as of 2021. If you have a Samsung printer, it is understandable that you would want to buy quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges.

Here we explore some informative facts about this amazing brand and why you should buy Samsung cartridges from Cartridge Hyper.

The brand has a huge employee base: As of 2020, the brand employed over 267 000 employees across the globe. This beats Microsoft with around 181 000 employees, and Apple with around 154 000. These whopping statistics bode well for the brand, highlighting their success and putting them on the map as one of the top electronics companies.

Their construction team built the world’s tallest building: Yep, you heard right, Samsung has a construction team, and they were part of building the tallest free-standing building on the globe, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The building is 830 metres tall and has over 160 stories. This may be pretty surprising since its primary forte is electronics. However, Samsung certainly pushes the boundaries and are a power player in several sectors.

They spend a huge amount of advertising: The brand is big into advertising, whether to convince clients to buy their printers and cartridges or tablets and phones. In 2018, the brand spent over $11 million on advertising, successfully ousting the largest advertiser Proctor and Gamble, that year.

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