As printing becomes more and more common in households across the world, it’s becoming increasingly important to use them in a way that reduces wastage. This is not only to benefit your pocket in the long run but also to reduce the accumulated effect of thousands of printers on the environment.

Cartridge Hyper stocks an amazing variety of Canon printer cartridges, along with products from other leading printer brands. We are dedicated to delivering an optimal printing experience for our customers, by providing convenient and affordable printer cartridges, anytime you need them. We want to share a few hints with you on how to reduce wastage in the printing process, so you can save money and our planet!

Smart Practices:

At the outset, consider using draft mode for any documents that are not for customers or other important uses. This significantly reduces the amount of ink used and can really save on ink costs without severely impacting the usefulness of the document for reference or previewing purposes.

Also, using duplex or double-sided printing is another major step toward reducing wastage. Your paper consumption will be halved, which is easy to disregard in the short term, but very quickly adds up when a couple of million people are doing it.

Keep your Canon comfortable:

Printers are extremely precise machines, and so are vulnerable to certain conditions in their environment. Dusty rooms and lots of airflow can have a harsh impact on the cartridge heads since these can be dried out or become clogged. A common cause for this is air-conditioners blowing directly onto or near a printer, so watch out for this.

Go Big:

Canon offers a variety of XL cartridges, which offer similar benefits to buying in bulk. These beefed-up Canon printer cartridges will extend the time between refills, so you don’t have to travel to purchase or order another cartridge as often.

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