Although the amount of ink in a cartridge varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and from printer model to printer model, the range starts from as little as 7.5 ml per cartridge. The low volume of ink results in relatively low print yields and higher costs per print, which means the frequency of cartridge changes becomes high. Every cartridge change is usually followed by an automated head-cleaning cycle to remove air bubbles from the system while the ink lost during the head cleaning cycle further reduces the amount of usable ink. For this reason, it can be more feasible to opt for ink tank printers that use ink from ink bottles.

Epson as the leading ink tank printer manufacturer

Epson L-series marked the first of the ink tank system printers and they have become the leading ink tank printer vendor worldwide. Ink tank printers are fundamentally different to most printers. They employ large ink tanks that are filled with ink from ink bottles included with the printer. Enough ink is supplied to print up to 14,000 A4 or letter-sized pages, depending on the page coverage.

The Epson 103 black ink bottle contains 65ml of ink allowing for costs per print to be substantially lower than can be achieved with cartridge-based printers. According to Epson, some cartridge-based printers will use up to 79 cartridges for one Epson 103 ink bottle. This also results in time saved by lowering the frequency of cartridge changes. Set up is simple and refilling is mess-free. The four-colour Epson 103 ink series is designed to provide the best cost and ease-of-use product for home and office printing.

Are there compatible ink replacements for Epson 103 ink bottles?

It can be argued that the cost per print on ink tank printers is so low that the need to look at compatible alternatives is not worth the potential downsides of third-party products. Still, there are compatibles available as alternatives to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products, such as the Epson 103 ink bottle.

Whether you are in search of original or generic options that are compliant with OEM standards, it would be wise to engage with a reputable supplier when looking at compatible inks. Cartridge Hyper is a leading supplier of cartridges with vast experience in the cartridge and ink market. Cartridge Hyper offers professional advice and competitively priced products. Shop online or visit one of our stores.