At Cartridge Hyper, we pride ourselves on the wealth of options we provide customers with our massive range of printer cartridges and other printer consumables. We offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges for all leading printer brands, including Canon, HP, Lexmark, Samsung, Epson, Brother and Xerox. Our extensive range of reliable brands makes us the best place to buy printer cartridges.

It’s important to buy OEM products, especially for higher-end printers these days. Individual manufacturers have spent decades refining their designs and processes, to the point where printer cartridges from different brands are starting to have less and less in common. This drastically increases the difference in performance between a consumable printer product made by the original manufacturer and one made by a third party.

This has been found by several studies, which put generic and OEM cartridges to the test. Invariably, the results show that OEM takes the day with superior performance in all relevant categories. Not only do they work, with extremely rare mechanical failures, but they work well, producing print quality and consistency that generic brands simply don’t match.

Before you buy printer cartridges, make sure they are OEM printer cartridges. This can be easily identified by the holographic label that is usually present on the packaging. If you are unsure about a holographic label, the manufacturer’s websites often have a page explaining how to identify their particular security features. You don’t have to worry about this when you buy printer cartridges from Cartridge Hyper though, as we carefully choose our sources and check our products.

We do realise that some of our customers swear by generic cartridges, or just prefer to save by opting to buy generic versions, so we have these in stock too for a variety of machines. We also keep a selection of waste units and belt units for toner printers and different styles of photo paper for those looking to preserve some cherished memories in an album or frame.

We operate a growing number of stores across Gauteng and have four branches in Bloemfontein. Our 22 current locations offer anything you need as far as cartridges go, and even if you can’t buy your exact ink or toner product there and then, our network will get the product out to you in a matter of days. We offer deliveries within two working days, with next day delivery for orders placed before 11 am. So you never need to wait around long before you can get to some printing action!

Also have a look at our rewards programme, which can save you money from day one! Simply sign up in-store or on our webpage and accumulate points with every item you buy from us. These points feed back into future purchases, dropping prices on anything you choose. As a member, you will also be eligible for exclusive discounts on specific products that you regularly buy from us, so your most common purchase becomes that much more affordable! You will also stand a chance to win with automatic entries into any competitions we hold. Check out this page for more information and an easy sign-up.

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