Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Toner Cartridges

We live in the digital age where everything seems to be stored online, and documents are usually sent via email. Even so, printing needs won’t be going anyway anytime soon. If you work in a busy office or even from home, then you understand that sometimes, a print in hand is needed, and this is when your laser printer comes in handy. Compared to inkjet printers, the toner cartridges in laser printers last far longer, so if you have never before needed to replace yours, you may be confused about what it entails. Establishing a few key facts first is essential to purchasing the right product, in order to ensure you don’t end up buying something incompatible with your printer.

What Colour Cartridges Do I Need?

Monochrome laser printers can only print using black toner powder. Colour-enabled laser printers utilise cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (known as the primary pigment colours, CMYK) for that crisp, lifelike image. If you are unsure of your printer’s capabilities, look the model up online or investigate whether the settings offer any colour-printing options. In general, a black cartridge is more cost-friendly, but some printers need all four shades to work.

Which Toner Cartridges Are Compatible with my Printer?

Not all toner cartridges come in the same size or design, and many are built specifically for their own brands. Use your printer’s brand name and model number to do a quick, online search about what kind of cartridge is most compatible and suits your designated budget. Take note of whether or not your printer can use high yield toners, which means the cartridge contains more pigmented powder and thus will last longer than a standard cartridge.

Should I Purchase Mine Online?

Should you decide to go the route of ordering your products online, be sure you are doing so through a reputable retailer that not only offers a wide range of products but has a great reputation for reliable services. Here at Cartridge Hyper, all major printer manufacturers available in the country have certified us as their consumables retail partner. Our brand partners include HP, Samsung, Canon, Brother, Epson, Lexmark, and Xerox. We also stock over 1 500 line items, so you are sure to find the product you need. Shopping online with us means fast and efficient delivery services that are guaranteed to have your printer back up and running in no time.

Is a Branded Product Better?

When purchasing toner cartridges, you can choose between branded original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and remanufactured products. As the name suggests, a remanufactured cartridge has been disassembled by a third-party company and then recycled into a new design. OEM products, on the other hand, have been designed to work specifically for your printer of the same brand. This not only ensures optimised print results, but you can also be sure that the two components working together will not result in any damage over time. While we recommend that customers opt for an OEM cartridge, we do have a line of cost-friendly generic options that are compatible with OEM standards and have been tried and tested to deliver great results.

If you would like any advice on which toner cartridges to purchase, send us an email here and we will get back to you in no time.

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