What Types of Brother Cartridges are Available?

Brother cartridges are available for their range of printers and labelling machines and include units for laser printers, inkjet printers, ink tank printers and thermal transfer printers.

Inkjet Printer Cartridges

Brother cartridges designed for their inkjet machines are relatively simple containers for holding a pigmented fluid that is typically water-based but may be solvent-based. Whether it is water or solvent, the fluid carries the pigment or colouring agent to the substrate where it is absorbed or evaporates leaving the pigment behind. Units for their inkjet machines typically fit directly onto the printhead of the printer and are consequently relatively small and compactly designed.

Ink Tank Printers

Ink tank printers house the ink in a container not mounted to the printhead or printhead carriage. Ink is pumped from a reservoir or tank to the printhead. Brother cartridges for ink tank printers can, therefore, be larger and hold much higher volumes of ink making ink tank printers more economical to run.

Laser Printers and Toner

Cartridges for laser printers contain dry toner made up of an ultra-fine polymer (plastic) powder mixed with pigment. Laser printers use heat to melt the plastic powder after which pressure is applied to fuse the molten plastic and pigment to the surface of the substrate (most commonly paper). Unlike the products of many other laser printer manufacturers, Brother cartridges use a separate toner and drum unit where the photosensitive drum is not built into the toner cartridge but forms a separate unit. The benefit of this approach is that drum units last substantially longer than the time it takes to finish the toner. Drums only need replacing after three or four lots of toner have been consumed making printing less costly.

Thermal Transfer Printers

Cartridges for thermal transfer printers use ribbons made of wax or resin-based ink. The ink or resin melts onto the print surface to create a durable, long-lasting, high-quality image. Thermal transfer is employed for label printing and is effective where the printed media will be used for more than six months or will be exposed to chemicals, intense light, high temperatures or moisture. For example, thermal transfer printing is used where prints will be used outdoors or in cold rooms and freezers. Prints can be made on a large variety of materials, including paper, plastic and polyester.

Brother Cartridges for Label Printers

Label printing systems are a specialist area of the print market that not all printer manufacturers address. Brother specialises in label printers and has a range of machines suitable for individuals through to commercial and industrial users. Brother cartridges are normally the best choice for label printing machines. Compatible units are available, but far fewer third-party manufacturers offer them than inkjet or laser replacements.

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