Xerox Cartridges – a Versatile Print Technology

Although printer cartridges are normally available for both inkjet and laser printer technologies from most printer manufacturers, Xerox cartridges are toner-based units intended for use in laser printers, digital copiers or multi-function devices where the print component is based on laser technology. Xerox cartridges are biased towards laser technology because the company has typically not produced printers based on inkjet technology. This still holds for smaller desktop and office printers and multi-functional machines. They have, however, entered the high-volume end of the market with a range of digital inkjet machines that are more akin to printing presses than printers. The print consumables for these machines are not cartridges but are based on ink tank technology where a large reservoir or tank of ink feeds ink to the print heads

Are Xerox Cartridges Only for Printers Manufactured by the Company?

Unusually, Xerox cartridges are made for printers manufactured by some of the other leading brand printer manufacturers. Xerox claims that they can offer toner-based units for printers from HP and Brother that are of equal quality at a lower price point than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) offering. Xerox cartridges for non-Xerox units are technically compatible units. This is unusual in that compatibles are normally manufactured by third-party companies that do not manufacture printers themselves.

Are There Compatible Replacements for Xerox Cartridges?

There are a number of third-party manufacturers offering units that fit Xerox machines. Regardless of the brand of printer, replacement print consumables, intended for use in the device, must be properly designed to ensure good print quality and acceptable yields while not damaging the device or malfunctioning. Genuine OEM print consumables are of the highest quality and generally provide the safest option for replacements where budget allows.

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