Xerox Cartridges – Common Printer Problems and Solutions

Cartridge Hyper Centres offer you affordable printer cartridges, including products such as Epson, HP and Xerox cartridges. Since we believe that information is essential for informed decision making, we have provided a few tips below on troubleshooting when printing with Xerox cartridges.

Printing Does Not Go Fast Enough

Printing will be slower with high resolution prints. If printing fast is more important than the quality of the print, select the standard or draft print modes. Note that large complex files will take longer to print, because such take up printer memory. This is also true when you have a long printer queue of prints to run. Rather print the smaller files first before adding larger and more complex prints to the queue.

Prints also take long when the printer is still in sleep mode and must first start up before it can print at normal speed. If the document is rather lengthy expect the job to take longer. You can speed up the print process by selecting two pages for print at a time. This will also help to ensure better quality control over the end-product.

Image Quality is Sub-Standard

With our high quality Xerox cartridges you will enjoy the benefit of superior quality print jobs. There may, however, be times when the print quality is simply not what you would expect. In such instances, check that you have used the correct paper for the particular print quality you need.  Also, be sure to check that the paper in the tray matches the paper that you have selected from the print driver, since the fuser or the temperature may have changed to match the paper media, while you still have another type of paper loaded.  If you are using a laser printer, adjust the fuser manually. If the quality problem persists, check whether the printer heads are clean and whether your ink cartridge still has enough ink. You should also check whether the paper is dry since poor quality prints are often experienced when the paper is slightly damp.

Print Job Simply Does Not Show

Have you been waiting at the printer for a while now and no prints appeared? Check whether you have sent the print jobs through the right printer. People sometimes send the print jobs to the PDF printer and wait in vain for something to happen. The printer may also be out of paper or not switched on at all. It sounds obvious, but you will be surprised how absent minded one can get, especially if it is late afternoon or early morning. Start by checking the default printer and then checking whether the paper is loaded and whether the print queue is not perhaps too long. The problem of variable vertical density in print is commonly referred to as banding and is often the result of a dirty roller or connection. Clean the points or roller and try again.

Inconsistency of Black Print

If the degree of black is inconsistent across the print surface check the ink level. This is normally a problem associated with too little ink left in the Xerox cartridge. Another reason for this problem can be that printer is not placed on a level surface. Make sure the printer is level and retry the print. Also check whether the printer is not perhaps placed too close to a strong light as this can cause inconsistencies in print.  If you have done all the above and the problem persists, remove the cartridge and shake it a few times to redistribute the ink or toner and return it to the printer. Print a test page and then proceed with normal printing.

Printing is Grey Instead of Black

Your prints may come out grey if the density setting is incorrect. Check whether you have selected black and white or full colour instead of grey scale. Also check if you have selected best or standard quality instead of draft printing.  If the problem persists take out the Xerox cartridge and shake it to distribute the ink evenly. Put it back and print again. If the cartridge level is too low, get to the nearest Cartridge Hyper and buy a new one. If the print shows a grey background then the toner setting causes too much toner to be used. Reduce the setting for density and print again.

Ensure top quality printing by buying the right Xerox cartridges from one of the Cartridge Hyper outlets.