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Xerox is an exemplar of the innovative and competitive products of the world leaders in consumer printing. The organisation’s very namesake is the technology of xerography, a 1940s printing invention that foreshadowed modern laser printing.

Early xerographic printers were a far cry from the slick little toner cartridges we have today. The drums and lasers in a toner cartridge are descended from bulky elements that used to be operated step-by-step, by hand.

The patent for the electrographic printing process, which would go on to be called xerography, was filed in 1939 by Chester Carlson. His ‘Xeroprinters’ and other xerographic printer designs went on to lay the foundations for the laser printers we have today, and the success of the Xerox brand.

Current generation laser and ink cartridges and printers have upheld the legacy of inventiveness, with Xerox investing more than a billion dollars a year into research and development of a variety of technologies, many of which are aimed specifically at printing innovation.

The company has established three research centres throughout the Americas, which host large numbers of researchers from a variety of fields, stimulating scientific progress and benefitting consumers with innovative and quality products.

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