In the Market for Xerox Printer Cartridges?

Irrespective of the brand, a printer cartridge intended for use in a specific machine must be properly designed and manufactured to ensure the best print quality and highest yield without damaging the printer or causing malfunctions.

In the case of Xerox printer cartridges, this is even more crucial as the bulk of the machines made by the company employ toner-based laser printing technology. Xerox printer cartridges, being for laser machines, are far more complex units than those used in inkjet machines. They are not simply containers for holding ink but relatively sophisticated mechanisms with gears, rollers, a photosensitive drum and other parts.

What About the Environment?

Toner-based units are by nature more expensive to manufacture than inkjet units are and there is more incentive for third-party companies to “remanufacture” Xerox printer cartridges. These cartridges are spent OEM units that are collected and essentially recycled by taking them apart, cleaning them, replacing damaged or worn parts and repacking them.

The upside of the use of very durable plastic and metal parts in the production of OEM Xerox printer cartridges is that the re-manufacture or recycling of the spent units becomes economically viable. Third-party manufacturers can remanufacture or recycle the units cost-effectively which cut down dramatically on the need for non-renewable raw materials. Buying a remanufactured cartridge is an environmentally protective choice. The reuse of a toner cartridge keeps it from ending up in a landfill cutting down on the number of hazardous chemicals leaching out as the unit decomposes polluting the ground, air and water.

Where to Source Xerox Printer Cartridges

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